Study and practice websites

Practice your tactics 30 minutes/day four or five days/week. Here are some great sites that can be used for free. This is practice seeing basic patterns that you can get through a lot faster, saving time for more complicated scenes or something to aim for to quickly win the game.   *** In the url (website address place) you can change the number from 1 to 2 or higher.  Otherwise register and sign in to track your progress.  All the tactics you have time for.  Adapts to your strength.  Many types of exercises and endgame practice.

These sites require a username and password.  So use something that you will remember.


A site that requires commitment is Chess Magnet School.  This is free to try for the first month.  It takes you through a series of progressive exercises which I can monitor if you enter the class code hit30 when you enroll.

Another great site that is best when paid for is Chess Kid. Here you can go through video lessons, puzzles (tactics), play others, go through lessons, and much more. You are totally anonymous as you choose a goofy name for your signin.



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Chess affectionado. Chess is a sport, art, past time, fun, and meditation. I like all of these aspects.

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