Home drills (we avoid the term “homework”)

Tactics Docs.

Some tactics that I culled from  Chess Tactics For Champions by Susan Polgar and Paul Truong.  There are 17 in this series with more to be developed.  Generally the left column is white to move and the right column is black to move.

Susan’s Tactics 1  Susan’s Tactics 2  Susan’s Tactics 3  If you want more email me, I have more than a dozen and can create more.


Culled from www.professorchess.com by Prof. Chester Nuhmentz.  There are one hundred of these. Let me know when you want more.

20 Questions Problem 1   20 Questions Problem 2   20 Questions Problem 3

Checkmate, Stalemate, or Make a Move.

Culled from www.professorchess.com by Prof. Chester Nuhmentz

CSM p1,  CSM p2,  CSM p3CSM p4,  CSM p5

Flashcards– most of these I created.

The top two open directly into flashcards.  The next four open in another site and you click shuffle so they are randomized.

Chess Vocabulary https://quizlet.com/32582160/flashcards/embed Still updating this but trying to avoid regional terms.

Chess Squares—  is it a light or dark square?  To use this 1st press the h on your keyboard. This makes them out of sequence. .

Chess Notation From White’s POV When you start click shuffle so that is not sequential.

Chess Notation From Black’s POV Same as above but this one is harder. They both need to be mastered.

English Opening Tabiyas These are sets of opening or “book” moves.

Chinese Chess Pieces Xiangqi pieces.

Let me know your answers and when you are ready for more.


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Chess affectionado. Chess is a sport, art, past time, fun, and meditation. I like all of these aspects.

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